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The headquarter of Harbin Electric Corporation Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd is located in Jiamusi city, the predecessor of which is Jamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd. Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd takes Jiamusi Electric Motor Works as a main sponsor, it is a joint-stock enterprises which is established in June,2000, Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd is subordinate to Harbin Power Plant Equipment (group) Corporation. In 2008, our company introduced the strategic investor Jianlong Group and carried on assets recombination. In March, 2012, our company was approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, and successful landing on A shares market....
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  • YBPT-TH消氢风机配套用屏蔽电动机

  • PGL型高温高压屏蔽电泵

  • PBV立式隔爆屏蔽电泵

  • PB、PBN多级型隔爆屏蔽电泵

  • PBJL泥浆用气封型隔爆屏蔽电泵

  • YPT系列低压大功率变频调速三相异步

  • YZR3系列起重及冶金用绕线转子三相

  • YZP系列起重及冶金用变频调速三相异

  • T系列高速同步电动机

  • TF系列同步发电机

  • TAW系列增安型无刷励磁同步电动机

  • YFM风扇磨煤机用大中型三相异步电动

  • YFKK、YFKS、YFQF系列大型火电设备

  • YB系列高压隔爆三相异步电动机

  • YAKS系列高压增安型三相异步电动机

  • 2.0MW双馈异步风力发电机

  • 1.5MW双馈异步风力发电机

  • 电机用稀油润滑站

  • 通用减速箱

  • 变电站综合自动化

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