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Remote Measurement and Control Technology Service Branch

The remote measurement and control technology service branch is a branch structure of Jiamusi Electric Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in the condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of industrial Internet equipment, and serves the petroleum, coal, steel, chemical and other industries. The company's products include intelligent motor systems and service systems, online monitoring and diagnostic systems, portable diagnostic services, remote monitoring and diagnostic centers and other overall solutions. A number of patents and computer software copyrights have been obtained.
       In the field of industrial Internet, remote measurement and control technology service branch relies on energy-efficient edge.AIchip and high precisionAIThe algorithm creates an intelligent upgrade solution for motor equipment, develops an intelligent motor system, provides real-time monitoring and early warning of monitoring units through technologies such as end-side enabling and end-side cloud collaboration, and provides an end-to-end overall solution from edge computing to industrial cloud platform, enabling production enterprises to reduce losses and increase efficiency and operate safely in a long period through the "Internet"+Industrial services "form to help equipment manufacturing enterprises to achieve service-oriented manufacturing transformation.

1Intelligent Motor System and Service

System functions:

(1)Real-time operation and maintenance--APP 24Hours anytime and anywhere to master the motor running state

11) Equipment start-up/stop identification

22) Equipment operation time

32) Visualization of equipment data

4) Historical data trend

(2)Intelligent diagnosis--Real-time Intelligent Diagnosis of Motor Abnormal Advance Alarm Fault

11) Equipment exception warning

22) Equipment working condition diagnosis

31) Equipment health analysis

42) Fault diagnosis


(3)Energy efficiency optimization--Real-time analysis of equipment operation energy efficiency optimization working point energy saving and efficiency

12) Calculation of equipment operation efficiency

21) Trend of equipment operation efficiency

(4)efficient management--Digital motor life cycle health records

12) Equipment manufacturing parameters

21) Delivery inspection file

31) Inspection Record

41) Statistics of historical working conditions

52) Monthly Diagnostic Report

6) Maintenance History




2. On-line monitoring and diagnosis system

Serial Number

Main functions


Submission of information to users

Submission Form


state detection and fault diagnosis

Real Time

Visual Condition Monitoring Fault Cause Analysis Fault Handling Method Operation Suggestions

Troubleshooting Report


Fault Prediction and Health Management


Comprehensive assessment of unit health The possibility of failure of key components Assessment of the decline of major components Assessment of state-based maintenance Decision-making recommendations The status of spare parts and the prediction of failure Matching recommendations

Health Assessment Report


Suggestions for Optimizing Operation

Real Time

Real-time difference state visualization of multi-unit load matching scheme

Optimized operation scheme


3. Portable online monitoring and diagnosis service

1)Portable Online Monitoring and Diagnosis System Based on Cloud Service

The portable online monitoring and diagnosis system can continuously monitor the operation data of motors, pumps, fans and other equipment online, transmit data through the network, provide a variety of professional diagnosis maps, find hidden dangers, avoid accidents, and improve the reliability of equipment.

2)Portable partial discharge periodic on-line monitoring diagnostic service

It can realize on-line monitoring of partial discharge of motor stator winding insulation, and can find winding loosening and semiconductor coating failure in the slot, main insulation delamination, separation of insulation layer and conductor caused by thermal cycle, and possible winding end pollution and discharge trace phenomenon.





value embodiment

1Equipment service life benefit: extend the service life of equipment20%;

     Equipment maintenance benefit: extend equipment inspection and maintenance cycle20%;

Equipment maintenance frequency: reduce the number of equipment maintenance30%;

2Avoid unplanned downtime of equipment: avoid unplanned downtime of equipment40%;

    Labor costs: reducing equipment maintenance personnel20%;

    Spare parts inventory: reduce equipment spare parts inventory20%;

 3Optimize the allocation of equipment management resources;

   Promote the innovation of equipment management system;

 Effectively reduce the occurrence of major safety accidents;

 4Promote big data mining and integration of industrial machines;

    Promote the construction of smart factories.



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