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Social Responsibility Report

Jiamusi Motor Co., Ltd."Flying Ball" brand motors are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, coal, steel, metallurgy, transportation, electric power, aerospace and other fields. The products are distributed all over the country and exported to more than 40 countries and regions. It is for my country's aerospace industry, satellite launch, nuclear power plants, High-tech fields such as the Three Gorges Project, the Great Wall Station in Antarctica, and national defense construction provide excellent driving forces. The company has undertaken a number of national, provincial and ministerial scientific research plans, and its products have won national, provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards for many times. In December 2011, with the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the "National Explosion-proof Motor Engineering Technology Research Center" was established with Jiamusi Electric Co., Ltd. as the support unit, marking that the company has a core and leading position in the explosion-proof field in my country, leading the development of the industry direction.

Over the years, Jiadian Company has earnestly fulfilled its social responsibility and has been doing an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, taking common interests above all else as the spirit of enterprise, organically unifying economic development and fulfilling social responsibility, taking corresponding economic, environmental and social responsibility as a conscious behavior, and taking corporate social responsibility as the basis for improving competitiveness. It has won the recognition of governments at all levels, consumers and all sectors of society. Specific practices are as follows:

1. Changing Ideas and Constructing Social Responsibility System

With the continuous development of economic globalization and market economy, corporate social responsibility can improve corporate efficiency; win reputation and establish a good image; reflect corporate cultural orientation and values; be conducive to sustainable development and improve the quality of life of the public; be conducive to maximizing the interests of stakeholders; become the basis for enhancing strength and competition, and be recognized by more and more enterprises. In view of the current international and domestic situation, enterprises assume social responsibility and establish a sound social responsibility system, which has become the general trend and the will of the people. The group company vigorously promotes the social responsibility system and changes its ideas, so that the concept that enterprises without a sense of social responsibility cannot stand firm in the increasingly fierce competition penetrates into all aspects of the enterprise, and promotes the establishment of the social responsibility system and the enterprise itself. development.

2. Vigorously Develop Economy, Ease Employment Pressure

Existing employees of the Group1796 people, including 1269 professional and technical personnel. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition at home and abroad, in accordance with the "equipment modernization, industrial scale, high-grade products," the goal.

At present, the local economy has been developed, part of the employment pressure has been solved, the unstable factors of social security have been reduced, and the social responsibility of enterprises has been fulfilled.

3. Strengthen Scientific Management, Pay Attention to Environmental Protection

The company successively passedISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system, OHS18001 occupational health and safety management system, energy management system "four in one" management system certification. The protection of the surrounding environment and the health and safety of employees reflects the social responsibility of enterprises. Since the establishment of the system, the company has not had any production accidents, equipment accidents, and has not received any environmental complaints. The company's products have passed the national compulsory product 3C certification, further improving the quality of electrical products and green production.

Company inThe quality management system was established in 1996 and successfully passed the ISO:9001 quality system certification in July of the same year. Since the operation of the system, our company has taken the satisfaction of users as its aim, ensuring that the qualified rate of one-time inspection of products is above 98%, the satisfaction rate of users is above 98%, and the satisfaction rate of users' return visits is above 98%.

The company has carried out clean production and energy saving and consumption reduction activities. Jiamusi Electric strictly abides by the national laws and regulations on environmental protection, and strictly implements the "Waste Water and Waste Liquid Discharge Control Procedure", "Waste Gas Discharge Control Procedure", "Oil Pollution Prevention Management Procedure" and "Waste" Management Standard ", promotes dust reduction and noise reduction through strengthening management, optimizing process layout, and equipment transformation, effectively control the impact of production noise and dust on the surrounding residents and the environment.In 2020, 21 energy-saving and emission-reduction projects will be carried out, with a total expenditure of 11.79 million billion yuan for energy-saving and emission-reduction, a pollutant emission compliance rate of 100 percent, a steady decline in the total discharge of various pollutants, and no environmental accidents occurred throughout the year. It has improved the overall management level of the company, increased the intensity of pollution control, improved the employees' awareness of energy saving and consumption reduction, and achieved the goal of "energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, and efficiency.

4. people-oriented, care for workers

Group companies have consistently pursuedThe "people-oriented" management philosophy unifies the personal values of employees and the values of the enterprise, and shapes the corporate culture with the pursuit of quality as the core. The signing rate of labor contracts between the company and its employees has reached 100 per cent, and it has provided social old-age insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance and other insurance for its employees, and regularly organized physical examinations for its employees to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

The style of an enterprise is the dominant expression of enterprise culture."The upper and lower effects are called wind, and the stability of the hearts of the people is common". The construction of the apartment project actively creates an atmosphere for employees to live and work in peace and contentment; the company invests a lot of financial, material and manpower to build a cultural center to provide a good environment for learning and entertainment for the majority of employees; constantly improve the accommodation conditions of employees, and diversify the dormitory hotel and meals; actively organize employees to participate in theatrical performances, sports competitions, etc., so that the enterprise has formed a good situation of unity and forge ahead, Create a brilliant. Implement a strict reward and punishment system to effectively guarantee the economic income of the majority of employees; in order to effectively maintain the personal safety of the majority of employees, strengthen labor safety awareness and safety inspection, strengthen safety education and safety training, and enhance employees' awareness of occupational safety, self-protection, and Compliance with regulations and disciplines; gradually improve employee welfare benefits, first focus on improving employees' working ability and production skills, adopt different forms such as "please come in" and send out training to train management personnel, improve the overall quality of employees, increase labor productivity, and promote the rapid development of enterprises; organize and carry out "improve ideological and moral quality, improve scientific and cultural quality, and improve body A series of cultural and sports activities with the theme of" health quality "strive to use various forms of cultural and sports activities to cultivate, shape and unite employees. For example, in April this year, a colleague was hospitalized for illness, and the huge medical expenses overwhelmed the whole family. Upon learning of this, the group's party committee, labor union, youth league committee and all employees spontaneously donated more than 200,000 yuan to help them tide over the difficulties. It carries forward the fine tradition of Shengtong people of "difficulties on one side, support from all sides", and shows the warmth of the collective and the sense of responsibility of the enterprise.

5. are keen to devote themselves to social welfare undertakings and give full play to corporate social responsibility.

After the earthquake, the group company, party members and all employees enthusiastically donated money.More than 100,000 yuan, dedicated to people's love; funded education; helped needy families in nearby villages; subsidized college students with difficult family financial conditions, so that the whole society can feel the benefits brought by the development of enterprises. The residential area was developed on the north side of the town government. While implementing the project construction, it solved the problem of residential housing and contributed to the construction of civilized towns, which fully reflected the corporate social responsibility.

6. strengthen the construction of corporate integrity and implement corporate social responsibility

While gradually developing and growing, Jiadian Company constantly attaches importance to the construction of integrity, innovates the mode of integrity management, formulates the goal of integrity construction, and establishes the integrity management system. The company through a variety of ways to understand and obtain relevant credit information, so that the basic work of credit management has been strengthened. At the same time, the company also takes the tax management work of the enterprise seriously, and strives to achieve the organic combination of paying taxes in accordance with the law and standardizing the operation of the enterprise, enhancing the reputation of the enterprise and reflecting the value of the enterprise. The company pays taxes in good faith in accordance with the law, winning a higher business reputation and more business opportunities for the company. The company has been rated for consecutive years."Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprise" has been recognized as an "inspection-free enterprise" for consecutive years, and has also entered the list of "National Integrity Unit Honor List", and has successively won "China Quality Service Integrity Enterprise AAA" and "National Integrity and Law-abiding Enterprise" "And many other honorary titles.

The company strictly implements the relevant national laws and policies, implements the principle of small profits but quick turnover and serves the society for product sales, understands the market situation of products by subscribing to publications, online inquiries and other ways, starting from protecting the interests of consumers, always keeping a balance with the market price, and never deceive consumers by driving up prices and strategic dumping. Treat the vast number of consumers in good faith, effectively maintain the company's reputation and image.

Problems to be Solved in the Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility

As a member of the social group, the enterprise must bear a certain responsibility to the society. If the enterprise fulfills its social responsibility, it will promote the development of the society, which in turn will better promote the development of the enterprise itself. The company will consciously fulfill social responsibility as a pursuit of the enterprise, in the implementation, we still need to do the following:
    1. comprehensive and systematic understanding of corporate social responsibility needs to be improved; attention and investment in social welfare undertakings need to be increased.

2. internal staff relations more harmonious, more reasonable distribution, to achieve the fairness of the employee performance appraisal system, better play the enthusiasm of the company's technical talents and other issues, should be further studied.

3. the company's product technology research and development capabilities still need to continue to strengthen and improve, product sales channels to expand in depth.

In carrying outUnder the opportunity of the theme education activity of "responding to the international financial crisis and fulfilling corporate social responsibility", combined with the actual situation, we should do a good job in implementation, absorb the experience and practices in the work, and lay the foundation for better exerting the social responsibility of the group company.