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Shielding products, maintenance and maintenance parts sales.

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Introduction of Yulin Branch

Yulin Branch of Jiamusi Electric Co., Ltd. is the only branch of Jiamusi Electric Co., Ltd. in the northwest region. It is responsible for the motor repair, maintenance, transformation and accessories sales in the five northwest provinces including Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Ningxia.

On June 10, 2017, the resolution of "Jiamusi Electric Co., Ltd. 2017 Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders" was passed, and the Yulin Branch of Jiamusi Electric Co., Ltd. was formally established in cooperation with Shaanxi Coal Group Shennan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Relying on the technology, process and testing capabilities of Jiamusi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., and combined with the production and manufacturing capabilities of Shaanxi Coal Group Shennan Industrial Development Co., Ltd., our branch has become a large-scale professional motor repair unit in the northwest region. Able to undertake the maintenance and installation of various high and low voltage asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, generators, DC machines, transformers, water pumps and other mechanical and electrical equipment; able to upgrade the motor energy efficiency, explosion-proof level, change the voltage, and change the number of poles according to user needs And other aspects of the transformation; able to provide technical support, sell motor accessories, and provide users with a full range of services.