Recruitment of talents

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Staff promotion and training mode

According to the market form and requirements, improve the internal staff performance, enhance product sales, human resources training module is a lasting core work. Under the guidance and support of the company's senior leaders, the training work of the Human Resources Department is based on reality and constantly innovates and improves. The training work is being carried out effectively.
1. win in quality, to enhance the quality awareness and skill level of front-line operators.
Lay a solid foundation and implement skill training for operating staff. In view of the current situation of low skill level and poor quality awareness of front-line operators, the human resources department and the technical department cooperated to organize and carry out skill upgrading classes for employees. a total of 390 classes were held throughout the year, with 6745 person-times trained. the training coverage rate of operators reached 100. the training content covered many aspects such as operation procedures, quality inspection, accident analysis, etc., effectively reducing the loss of product quality.
2. firmly grasp the middle level and focus on improving the management ability of middle-level cadres.
As the mainstay of the enterprise, middle-level leading cadres bear the responsibility of enterprise decision-making, strategy implementation and management communication between grass-roots management and decision-making level. Relying on the enterprise network college platform, about 60 hours of online training courses such as professional knowledge, cost management, communication management, leadership, and goal management are distributed respectively. At the same time, learning sharing meetings are organized regularly to further strengthen the learning effect. Through systematic course learning, the management vision of middle-level cadres has been broadened and the management level of middle-level cadres has been improved.
3. strengthen the internal strength and improve the business skills of functional personnel.
Although functional personnel are not directly involved in value creation, they play the most critical role in achieving the strategic objectives of the enterprise. The Human Resources Department has successively carried out six series of special trainings including legal knowledge, information knowledge, computer knowledge, corporate culture, financial verification, and system knowledge, with a total of 1166 people trained. Through the study of a series of general knowledge, the business ability of functional personnel is improved. Strong support for the rapid improvement of departmental performance.