Recruitment of talents

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Working and Living Environment

Working environment
1, spacious and bright, warm in winter and cool in summer office
2. Modern office equipment
3. Information and automated office platform
4. Garden-style factory area
5. Harmonious, upward and enterprising team atmosphere

living environment
1, male (female) college students dormitory
2. Staff restaurant
3. Factory supermarket, convenient shopping environment
4. affordable prices
5. Convenient transportation
6. Climate with four distinct seasons

generous welfare treatment
1, Jiamusi has competitive strength of employee income.
2, the implementation of the rank promotion system, pay with the rank promotion gradually increased.
3, college graduates to settle down
4. Government subsidies for talents
5. Rental subsidies
6. Lunch allowance
7, heating and heating expenses reimbursement.

1. Sound training system: induction training for new employees, on-the-job training, development training and general training
2. Induction training for new employees: comprehensive training, job cognition training and job skills training
3. On-the-job training: basic job knowledge, skills and competence training
4. Development and training of outstanding employees: academic exchanges at home and abroad, project cooperation at home and abroad, responsibility for important topics, promotion of academic qualifications, evidence collection of professional qualifications for various personnel, and special training on professional knowledge
5. General training for all employees: establish good values, create a good corporate culture atmosphere, and cultivate a positive, optimistic, enterprising, united and cooperative professional spirit

1. Family leave
2. Paid annual leave
3. Marriage leave
4. Maternity Leave
5, bereavement leave
Social Insurance
1. Basic old-age insurance
2. Basic medical insurance
3. Major illness insurance
4. Work injury insurance
5. Maternity insurance
6. Accidental injury insurance
8. Provident Fund
9, enterprise annuity (supplementary pension insurance)

Physical examination
Medical examination once a year.
Rich high-end holiday benefits, improve the quality of life of each employee.