Information disclosure

Information disclosure of the company's basic information, announcement information, social responsibility, etc.

JEMLC (Jilin) New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.

JEMLC (Jilin) new energy equipment Co., Ltd., located in Baicheng Industrial Park, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd.

The company started construction in mid-2010 and was completed and put into production in early 2011. It covers an area of 169674.71 ㎡ and a building area of 26399 ㎡, including 20622 ㎡ of production workshop; The building area of the office building is 3500 ㎡; The building area of canteen and bathroom is 922 ㎡; The construction area of pump house is 153 ㎡; The building area of boiler room is 652 ㎡; The building area of guard room 1 is 43 ㎡; The building area of guard room 2 is 47 ㎡; The construction area of the oil and chemical depot is 460 ㎡.

The company has 1.5MW test bench and 3MW test bench foundation, one set gantry crane of 160 tons , two sets bridge cranes of 175 tons , one set bridge crane of 80 tons , one set bridge crane of 50 tons and one set bridge crane of 32 tons. In addition, it has two flat cars of 100 tons and 150 tons.