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Jiamusi Jiadian Electric Machine Operation and Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiamusi Jiadian Electric Machine operation and Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd., established in September 2021, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd. In order to accelerate the high-quality development of manufacturing service industry, actively expand the network layout of national service centers. Integrate the resources of each maintenance branch (Electric Machine service company, Yulin Branch, Xinjiang branch, Henan Branch, Hebei branch and Sichuan Branch) to form unified management, resource sharing, market adaptation and rapid response. Transform and develop from "manufacturing enterprise" to "manufacturing service enterprise", and realize the goal of "world-class special motor manufacturing and service enterprise".

Business scope of motor operation and maintenance company: maintenance and maintenance services of AC and DC motors, generators, transformers, main rolling mills, shielded electric pumps, pump systems, fan systems, bearings, gearboxes, valves and cooling devices; Technical development, technical transformation and technical services of motors, generators and explosion-proof electrical appliances; Equipment system problem diagnosis, equipment intelligent diagnosis service and online remote diagnosis service; Design and sales of electrical drive system; Accessories sales of various equipment, etc.

Contact information of Jiamusi Jiadian Electric Machine  operation and Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd.
Company name: Jiamusi Jiadian Electric Machine operation and Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd.
Taxpayer identification number: 91230800MA1F64DL0G
Bank of deposit: Jiamusi branch of China Construction Bank Corporation
Bank account No.: 2305 0168 5151 0000 1460
Address: No. 445, Zhongshan street, Qianjin District, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province
Post code: 154002
Tel: 0454-8326025 0454-8321827
Fax: 0454-8326025