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JEMLC Harbin Technology R & D Branch

Harbin technology R & D branch (hereinafter referred to as JEMLC Harbin Research) is a high-end scientific and technological branch established in Harbin by Jiamusi  Electric Machine Co., Ltd., in order to achieve high-quality development. It aims to break through key technical problems in explosion-proof motor and electrical field, master core technology, break industry barriers, and develop various special motors and electrical products that meet the needs of the market and users, It is an innovative product R & D base of Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd., which undertakes forward-looking product R & D and technical reserve of future industries.

Relying on the national explosion-proof motor engineering technology research center, Harbin technology R & D branch has strong professional technology and rich industry experience. The company always adheres to the differentiated development path of "No one I have, I have excellent", implements the development strategy of "aiming at the international advanced level and maintaining the domestic leading position", and adheres to the R & D mode of "independent innovation first, technology introduction second, and combination of industry, University and research" in accordance with the scientific research policy of "production generation, sales generation, R & D generation and reserve generation", So as to realize the high-quality and rapid development of Harbin technology R & D branch.

The company is mainly engaged in: manufacturing and maintenance of motor, shielded electric pump, local fan and automatic control system; Development and technical service of motor and explosion-proof electrical technology; Self operated import and export business (operated according to the business scope and commodity catalogue approved by the foreign economic and Trade Department); Energy saving technology services.