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JEMLC Wind Power Operation and Maintenance Technology Branch

In order to give full play to the technical advantages of Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd. and better develop the national wind turbine service market, Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd. wind power operation and maintenance technology branch is established. The branch is mainly engaged in wind turbine sales, maintenance and transformation, wind turbine technology development, technical services, spare parts sales and replacement. With a wide service network (the company has service outlets in Northeast, north, East and northwest), professional technicians and the strong design and processing capacity of Jiadian headquarters, we will serve the majority of wind power users wholeheartedly!

Scope of business
I、 Generator maintenance business
1.5MW wind power generator directly replaced by lesenka and Lima
The 1.5MW wind turbine of Jiadian company can directly replace Yongji wind turbine through the transformation of foot plate
1.5MW, 2MW and 3MW wind turbines are returned to the factory for maintenance




II、 Regular inspection and maintenance of wind factory generator
1. Generator inspection, generator bearing, end cover bearing chamber and collector ring cleaning, dust removal system cleaning, grease filling, carbon brush replacement and other maintenance items;
2. Replace and repair the parts of the generator with electric corrosion of bearings, ignition wear of collector ring and wear of end cover;
3. Detect and strengthen the insulation of generator rotor bridge lead, and strengthen the insulation of stator lead;
4. Reinforce and strengthen insulation of generator rotor center line;
5. Strengthen insulation and anti corona treatment on generator stator and rotor winding tower;
6. Quarterly inspection of generator




III、 Replacement of generator stator and rotor outgoing line and maintenance of bridge line
The rotor structure of doubly fed wind turbine generator is complex, and it is particularly important whether the fixation of rotor inter pole connection, neutral line and lead wire is reliable. In case of problems, it is often difficult to maintain, and it is important to remove the rod and return to the factory for maintenance. Our company can carry out bar welding, replacement and maintenance for such faults, with fast response time and low repeated fault rate.

IV、 Rod upper shaft repair
The rotor excitation of the wind turbine generator is powered by the frequency conversion device, and the system generates the voltage across the generator bearing. When the generated voltage exceeds the insulation capacity of the bearing lubricant and insulating layer, the bearing will flow through the high-frequency shaft current, resulting in the electric corrosion damage of the bearing and the generator main shaft. The on rod shaft repair process independently developed and patented by our company can repair the generator main shaft and bearing table, and ensure the bearing Fan assembly tolerance, durable.




5、 Anti electric corrosion technical transformation
With the structure of insulated end cover + grounding system, the generator with non insulated end cover structure can be replaced with insulated end cover and extended end grounding system, so as to reduce the shaft electric corrosion damage.


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