The company's domestic main electric motors and other products cover more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, with more than 100 marketing points in all provinces and cities across the country.

Domestic trade

Brief overview of 1.
The company's main motor and other products cover more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, with more than 100 marketing points in all provinces and cities across the country.
Contact information for domestic orders: 0454-8326315,0454-8305179,0454-8326332.

2. Service Network
1. Have excellent service team
1) regular service team: 47 full-time after-sales service personnel, combined with the mechanical and electrical skills of the waiters, reasonable service personnel are allocated nationwide.
2) Expert service team: 5 experts are allocated to deal with major and difficult problems in a timely and decisive manner, and solve existing problems at one time.
3) Major project service team: according to the composition of major projects, from the beginning of motor installation and commissioning to the final delivery of the project, the whole process of follow-up service will ensure the smooth progress of major projects.
2. Have a perfect service system
1) Perfect management function: According to the post division of labor and service requirements, the service management has dispatchers, information workers, documentarians, accessories workers, machine workers and return visitors. Ensure that the service information has results within 1 hour, reply within 2 hours, and handle special problems within 4 hours, which greatly improves the service efficiency.
2) According to the regional management of the waiters, all the waiters sink to the marketing outlets, shorten the service distance, realize the direct docking of the service with the users, and greatly improve the service speed and quality.
3) The service commitment of 12 hours in place in the province and 24 hours in place across provinces has been realized.
3. Have a professional maintenance base
The self-built bases of Jiadian, Chengdu, Tianjin (under construction) and Taicang are the main ones, supplemented by authorized ten maintenance centers, and maintenance areas are divided throughout the country, and maintenance projects are determined according to their maintenance capabilities. Through the operation of this mode, the processing speed of the fault motor is improved, the user's construction period is ensured, and the support for the service is increased.
4. Have a comprehensive waiter evaluation system
1) In order to strengthen the timely rate, customer satisfaction, the completion rate of one-time problem handling, improve the skill level, change the service attitude and service concept, implement integral management for waiters, encourage learning will, and ensure sufficient and high-quality service resources to serve users.
2) Do not miss a return visit to each service information to ensure that the timely rate of arrival is not less than 95% and the customer satisfaction is not less than 90%.
5. Have a professional maintenance team
With the four bases as the center, the ten major maintenance centers assist customers to repair and maintain the equipment.
1) Provide excellent technical service and quick maintenance response;
2) The quality of the maintenance motor parts provided should reach the quality of the original motor parts;
3) Ensure the normal service life of the motor after maintenance and reach the corresponding use standard;
4) The supply price of the original parts provided is not higher than the market price of the same product.