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Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd.

Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd., is a joint-stock enterprise established in June 2000 with Jiamusi Electric Machine factory as the main sponsor and in accordance with the modern enterprise system. It is subordinate to Harbin Electric station equipment group company. In 2008, the company introduced Jianlong group, a strategic investor, and carried out asset restructuring.

Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd. is the founder and leading manufacturer of explosion-proof motor, lifting and metallurgical motor, local fan and shielded motor (electric pump) in China. The products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal, metallurgy, transportation, water conservancy, electric power, nuclear energy, aerospace, grain, military industry and other fields. It provides a reliable driving force for China's high-tech fields such as artificial spacecraft, satellites, rocket launch, nuclear power station, nuclear reactor, Gezhouba, Three Gorges, Antarctic Great Wall Station and military industry. As a leading enterprise of special motors in China, it has made outstanding contributions to national and local economic construction.

For a long time, adhering to the principle of continuously meeting the needs of the market and users, the company wholeheartedly provides users with first-class products and first-class services. The company has the right to self export products, and its products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions. It has established a solid trade cooperation relationship with Emerson company, the world's top 500 enterprise.

The company has a deep foundation of quality management and is the first enterprise in the same industry in China to obtain ISO9001 quality assurance system certification. In order to better meet the requirements of customers, our products of various models and specifications have gone through a number of product certifications at home and abroad, such as YZR3 series and YGP series low-voltage motors have obtained the EU CE product safety certification; NEMA series motors have obtained CSA 、C + CSA + US product safety certification; YB, YBF, YB2 and YBPT series motors have obtained Russian gost certification and coal mine safety certification; Y、 Y2 、YB2 、YZR series motors have obtained EU RoHS environmental protection certification; YB2 series low voltage motors have obtained ATEX certification; 3C China national compulsory product certification; Standardization, good behavior, AAAA class enterprises, etc. In 2005, our "flying ball" motor won the honorary title of "National Inspection Free Product", and the explosion-proof motor won the honor of "China Famous Brand". In 2006, we obtained the RoHS certificate issued by China Quality Certification Center, which indicates that our products have met the requirements of international environmental protection motors. Since its establishment, the company has applied for 22  patents, of which 20 utility model patents have been authorized; The company has won 42 science and technology awards, including 22 at or above the provincial and ministerial levels; The company is regarded as a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial enterprise technology R & D center and the first patent pilot enterprise in Heilongjiang Province in Jiamusi.

The company fully implements information construction and has international advanced software.Through the comprehensive application of CAD 、PDM 、ERP、 OA and ANSYS, the information resources are highly shared,and the operation automation,management networking and intelligent decision-making of enterprise production and business activities are realized.

Jiamusi explosion proof Electric Machine Research Institute adjacent to the company has complete testing means and advanced technology. It is the national quality supervision and Inspection Center for hoisting and metallurgical motors; Jiamusi explosion proof electrical testing and inspection center of national work safety; Quality supervision and testing center of explosion-proof electrical equipment in mechanical industry; It is the test and verification organization of marine motor products and explosion-proof electrical equipment authorized by China Classification Society; It is the production license inspection organization of explosion-proof electrical products authorized by the national production license office; It is an energy-saving product certification and inspection laboratory authorized by the bid winning Certification Center. It provides a strong basis for the research and development of the company's new products.

At present, the company seizes the favorable opportunity to innovate and rebuild the corporate culture, and strives to build a harmonious, stable and high-quality staff team with the cultural concept of "people-oriented, harmony, strict discipline and always striving for the first", so as to promote the rapid development of the enterprise, gradually improve the corporate culture in the development and lead the enterprise to develop healthily on the track of civilization and harmony; With the business philosophy of "providing excellent driving force for global customers", we will strive to build a world-class enterprise with first-class brand, first-class management, first-class benefits and first-class culture, and move forward towards the higher goal of product serialization, industrial diversification, large-scale benefits and enterprise internationalization.