Enterprise culture

The company's core philosophy: to be far-reaching, to be strong to win; the company's core values: to move with one heart, to gather strength to make splendor; the company's spirit: unlimited innovation, inexhaustible power; the company's innovation concept: inspirational to expand new, not to advance or retreat.

Company core concept

To win by force
To far: Harbin Electric Group adhere to the people-oriented management. Employee-oriented, for the well-being of employees, enhance cohesion and centripetal force; user-oriented, to meet the needs of users, to win the trust and loyalty of users; public-oriented, caring for the society, to obtain the praise and support of the public. Only when the hearts and minds of the people and the expectations of the people are in order can great power be generated and a long-term foundation be created.
To win by the strong: market competition survival of the fittest, only the strong and no competition. Harbin Electric people are constantly striving for self-improvement, inspiring and enterprising, with first-class staff, first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class management, to strengthen strength, strengthen brand, win the market, and create a brilliant future.