Enterprise culture

The company's core philosophy: to be far-reaching, to be strong to win; the company's core values: to move with one heart, to gather strength to make splendor; the company's spirit: unlimited innovation, inexhaustible power; the company's innovation concept: inspirational to expand new, not to advance or retreat.

Company spirit

Infinite power of innovation

Unlimited innovation: innovation is the soul of enterprise development, and innovation is the power source of enterprise development. The self-improving Harbin Electric people are full of passion and dreams, with innovation as their will, innovation as their character, never satisfied, constantly innovating, constantly surpassing, and constantly creating new miracles.
Inexhaustible power: a lofty sense of mission produces unlimited power, and the endless power stimulates a steady stream of vitality. The people of Harbin Electric Power take serving the motherland as their mission, revitalize Harbin Electric Power as their own responsibility, stimulate potential, devote themselves passionately, make progress and pursue excellence.