Enterprise culture

The company's core philosophy: to be far-reaching, to be strong to win; the company's core values: to move with one heart, to gather strength to make splendor; the company's spirit: unlimited innovation, inexhaustible power; the company's innovation concept: inspirational to expand new, not to advance or retreat.

Company innovation concept

If you don't advance, you will retreat.

Inspirational Extension: Harbin Electric People Strive for Self-improvement, Strive for Upward, Pioneering and Innovating for Development. Continuously develop new ideas, new fields, and new undertakings; constantly innovate concepts, innovative mechanisms, innovative technologies, and innovative management.
If you do not advance, you will retreat: market competition is like sailing against the current, and if you do not advance, you will retreat. Only by constantly making progress, constantly surpassing, and pursuing excellence can we ensure that we will not be eliminated in the fierce market competition, and we can develop sustainably and create a long-term foundation.