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Shielding products, maintenance and maintenance parts sales.

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Introduction of Xinjiang Branch

Jiamusi Electric Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Branch is the only branch established by Jiamusi Electric Co., Ltd. in Xinjiang. It is responsible for the maintenance, maintenance, motor transformation and spare parts and accessories sales of various high and low voltage motors in Xinjiang. It was formally established in Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous Region in July 2018.
Relying on the strong technical, technological and testing capabilities of Jiamusi Electric Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Branch can undertake the maintenance, maintenance and installation of various high and low voltage asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, generators, DC machines, transformers, water pumps and other electromechanical equipment. Business, according to user requirements, the motor can be upgraded in terms of energy efficiency, explosion-proof grade, explosion-proof transformation of ordinary motors, transformation of motor cooling mode, change of voltage, change of pole number, installation of remote online monitoring of motors, etc.
Company production facilities, well-equipped, sophisticated testing, testing equipment, to meet the various types of motor maintenance business.
The company adheres to the principle of "urgent users, users first", and receives users to visit and repair equipment urgently. After receiving user instructions, service personnel will be present at any time for technical support.